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       Every person experiences difficulties.  It’s part of being human.  The trouble is that when we are experiencing problems in our lives it leaves us feeling disconnected from others because of the strain it puts on our relationships.

        My goal is to restore your sense of connection to yourself and others.  To be successful we will need to collaborate. While I might be a trained guide, the wilderness of your life belongs to you and my goal is to help you find ways to live in it well.  

       Together we will uncover the patterns in your life that are simply not working and discover a new way forward.  For this work I draw from Psychodynamic theories and mindfulness practices to help us identify unhelpful patterns that are holding you back and create new habits that work well for you. 



            I’ve worked with couples and men facing life transitions since the beginning of my graduate training.  With couples I draw from John Gottman’s research and am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I use EFT to help couples restore the ability to understand one another so they can effectively solve problems.

            In my experience working with men I continue to find that men’s “bad behavior” is a result of trouble coping with the pressures men experience in work, parenting, and relationships.  I’ve learned we have to balance understanding the underlying issues with taking practical steps toward change. 

            Having done my Graduate work at a seminary I incorporate a Christian Faith-based perspective for those who are looking for this and I’m always eager to integrate my client’s worldview and values into our work.

           We won’t know if we’re the right fit to work together until we get a chance to talk and I am well aware that counseling can be a significant financial investment.  For this reason I offer a free phone consultation before scheduling a session.  I look forward to seeing how I can help you navigate the wilderness of your life.  

Counselor Vancouver, WA

I focus on the following areas:

Men facing life transitions, stress, relational difficulties, anger, and depression

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Young Adults

Helpers (Educators, Counselors, Social Workers, Pastors, Etc.)



I work with these Insurance Plans:


Pacific Source


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