I'm currently offering online Telecounseling sessions for clients interested in that option.



           I provide a unique perspective to counseling as both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Nutritionist



          My dedication to therapy is driven by my belief that life’s experiences connect deeply to the views and relationships we have with ourselves and others. Being human is hard, and while I may be trained to help people who are experiencing the difficult parts of existing, there is no better expert on your life than you.

            People often seek out therapy because they are operating from a place of adaptive survival, which makes it difficult to have reciprocal, meaningful relationships and feel pleasure and joy. Many of us do not even feel worthy of these things. Just know that you are doing the best you can with the tools and information you have. You are here right now because you have a desire for something to be different, and it can be different.

           I view the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for empowerment and change. I am always looking for new ways to connect and grow as a therapist, and since people are complex beings, my style is rather eclectic, drawing from various types of therapies.

           Social justice and liberation inform my work as a therapist and how I show up for you. My approach is client-centered and driven by my values of creativity, acceptance, humor, growth, and curiosity. I combine compassion with a gentle nudge towards helping you explore and discover, so you can create a different path for yourself, whether that means backtracking, venturing off course, or pausing to appreciate life’s beauty. My role is to walk beside you and assist you, as a fellow traveler, on your journey towards showing up as your most authentic self.


             From the time we are small, we are inundated with messages about food and bodies. We learn to listen to others who “know” what is best for us, instead of our own bodies, leading to feelings of guilt and shame, diet cycling, disordered eating, size concerns, and obsessive thinking and confusion about food.


            You are not alone in this. Whatever your journey has been with food, it is not your fault. Neither food nor your body is the enemy, diet culture is. You deserve nothing more than to have both a positive relationship with food and respect and trust for your body.


             I’m passionate about helping you to unlearn years of diet culture and body mistrust using an anti-diet, size-inclusive approach. Maybe you are on the fence about letting go of diet culture, possibly even scared, and that is understandable. Together we will work towards cultivating a deeper appreciation of food and relearn how to connect to the innate wisdom of your body. 



            I identify as a cisgendered (she/her pronouns), able-bodied, white female (among other privileges). Since graduating from Bastyr University with a dual Master’s degree in Psychology and Nutrition, I have been providing therapy to a wide range of clients, mostly teens. I am certified as a Child Mental Health Specialist and a Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional. I have training in EMDR (Level I), Trauma-Focused CBT, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy and am currently working to obtain certification as an Intuitive Eating™ counselor.




I focus on the following areas:


Body image & Self-esteem

Child & Adolescent Issues


Eating and Food Issues

Relationship Difficulties

School-related Challenges


I am in the process of contracting with these Insurance Plans:




Regence BCBS

Premera BCBS/Lifewise

Pacific Source/Navigator

Providence Preferred/PPO

Provider Networks of America

First Choice Health Network